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Staying in motion

Language is always in motion - like a living organism, it constantly changes, creates new words and phrases, or reintegrates old ones again.

Our first cultural event "Moving worlds" took part in the 16th nationwide reading day last year. The title of our evening took up the reading day's motto - movement - with a play on words. Movement is not just a physical acitivity; we can also be emotionally moved by someone or something. Our thoughts are always on the move, as well, be it a big inner journey or emotional circles. We can move through whole worlds in books and stories, live whole lives without taking one step. Our cultural evening "Moving worlds", a cooperation with QuARTier 8, dealt with the question, who or what moves us. Wonderful literary and musical contributions, an artist talk and a workshop went into this matter, trying to find answers.

And we keep on moving: Our hybrid German classes start on July 1 - for the those who can come to our school and those who have to stay home, as well!

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