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SKEI-week: Kreativität (creativity)

In our last post we shared some thoughts on the first word in the abbreviation SKEI - language (Sprache). Today we move on to K - creativity (Kreativität) .

Creativity is a key to cope with the routine. Being creative doesn't necessarily mean producing art. Even taking a new way when returning home is an opportunity to get new impressions and fill our everyday life with creative processes. Instead of looking at the smartphone, just observing the houses, the trees, the people. And create stories in one's head.

People can also get very creative when it comes to language – especially when they don't master it. They develop incredibly funny word plays, explanations or expressions that could never come from a native speaker, because all of us bring our own ideas and connotations into the new language to fill the knowledge gaps. So, one of the first rules while learning a language is to have fun and never be ashamed! Isn't it better to communicate with mistakes than to remain silent in order not to make them? That's how one can speak a foreign language and be even creative at the same time!

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