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SKEI-week: EI is for emotional intelligence

Last week we started to share some thoughts on the words that form our name SKEI. After S and K that stand for language (Sprache) and creativity (Kreativität) we come to the last two characters E and I that belong together and mean emotional intelligence.

Emotions are our elixir of life. Being able to feel, is a gift and shows us everyday that we're alive. Buit emotions can also be difficult to handle – especially the negative ones often tend to occupy too much space and energy in our mind and body. Therefore it is definitely worth it to understand our feelings better and even use and channel them, instead of being at their mercy. A mix of self-reflection and empathy can be really helpful within our everyday social interaction with other people.When we say thank you, smile and express our positive feelings while appreciating something really nice or friendly, it affects other people as well, and they become friendlier and more relaxed.

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