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Next Sunday: SKEI-Walk!

We are looking forward to our second real-life meet-up on Sunday 27! It is open to everyone who is interested in connecting with other expats in Düsseldorf and will hopefully be a sunny autumn walk through the beautiful Schlosspark Benrath to the Rhein and along the Rhein. If the weather is fine, we will

stay outside and maybe take a break later in the meadows; if it rains, we can walk a little and then find a nice place to sit down inside and have a drink. If it's really stormy, we will think of an alternative. But, autumn in Germany can be really beautiful and we want to share that with you and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful nature together...

Who can take part in the meet-up? This meet-up is open to all interested expats, regardless of the language skills. If you want to connect with other expats and have a nice afternoon together, you are welcome!

Clothing / food Please put on comfortable clothes and shoes that will protect you from wind and weather and bring water and maybe a snack for yourself.

Meeting We meet at exactly 13:00 Uhr / 1 p.m. at Schloss Benrath - in case someone is a little bit late, we'll wait at the latest until 13:15 and then start our walk.


We have an event on facebook where you can click on the "going"-button. Alternatively you can write us an e-mail that you will join us.

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