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Motivation Monday - Compact Courses

Monday again! For many of us Monday is a rather difficult day that requires a lot of motivation to get up and do the things that need to be done. That's exactly why we chose Mondays to introduce our new concepts or to talk about motivational issues. Good news on difficult days. And today's good news is a new course concept we would like to present.

Motivation and ambition are the key to a new language - and there are many people out there who want to learn faster. After having received many requests whether it is possible to achieve a certain level in a shorter period of time than our regular courses, we decided to develop an additional set of courses , customized for those needs - the compact courses for German and English languages.

Our compact courses give our participants the possibility to learn effectively and quickly with the same quality as the regular courses. What's different, is the intensity: therefore, a compact course also requires a lot of willingness to keep up with the quicker pace and the density. This can be a great for people who need fast results due to their ambition, job situation or time management.

For us, this innovation of SKEI shows very well how the communication with our students or interested people helps us as a language school develop new concepts and ideas.

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