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Draw inspiration from special moments

People say, don't live in the past. We agree, but sometimes, when it gets hard at the moment, we can still think back to wonderful past moments and events and gain new energy for the future. For example, while working on our new hybrid classes, we like to lean back and remember last year, when everything was a little easier and cultural programs could be organized without restrictions.

One of these events was the opening of Elma Ferchland's exhibition, which was once again a cooperation with the QuARTier 8. Elma's art of wool needling is extraordinary and poetic. Whether her small bird artworks, portraits, or the large wool paintings - her masterful vision and technique open up new worlds, making the viewer want to touch and explore the surface, to understand the process, or just to look and marvel at the stunningly realistic details like eyes and hands, hair or feathers.

The opening and closing of the exhibition combined an artist talk with the reading of poems by curator Katja Panyutina, so that art and language, visual and literary poetry could connect with each other in an inspring way. We really like to think back to these events that gave us so much warmth, and gain new energy for new ideas and projects.

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