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Home Office… the long-desired Fata Morgana

Only a few of us were lucky: The luxury of working in the home office, i.e. making money in your own four walls. The rest were stuck in the constant rush of commuting to work. Sometimes with complaints, sometimes with motivation. How often did colleagues arrive and complain about the way to work, which was so long and full of people and traffic jams and crowds and delays and whatnot. Even we ourselves have surely complained about it one time or another. It was not easy for most of them to commute to work almost every day.

The more they envied the external employees and the self-employed or freelancers who were allowed to work from home. A secret envy was always felt under the surface, perhaps only rarely expressed, but always present behind the scenes.

All of a sudden the tide turned! Suddenly we were served this luxury called home office on a silver platter. Like a surprised kid who abruptly gets an adult-only drink served in front of his nose and hesitates at first to see if it's not just a bad trick, before he grabs it with a cautious tug. It was exactly the same with us. They said "stay at home, don't go out, the virus is lurking everywhere on you ... yes, also at work".

And in no time we sat half in business clothes, half in pajamas on the sofa at home in front of the laptop. The joy among those who always secretly envied those who had previously been delighted was immense at the beginning. They looked forward to the working hours and even more to the end of the day afterwards. You could suddenly integrate the work into your own home. The combination pleased everyone who had enough space and freedom at home.

But what about those who had to share their living space with others? Who didn't have the necessary privacy and the calm to work? Exactly. They were beginning to despair. This stress spread at home and they couldn't recover even after work. Suddenly they longed back to work.

Generally speaking, most of our society who are forced to work in the home office run out of steam. At first it seems precious and you may even enjoy it, but after a while the air is out and you want to go back to normal.

At SKEI we are now taking this step towards normality and the courses will therefore take place again in our premises on Graf-Adolf-Straße in Düsseldorf from mid-June. But differently than before. Classical classroom instruction was yesterday, now tradition is coupled with a new system: blended learning. More on this in our next post. Stay tuned!

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