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Getting back to normal despite social distancing?

Our world is currently stuck in a phase that surely no one could have ever imagined. It's been weeks already that the COVID-19 pandemic has been causing everyone to hold their breath while feeling shocked and suppressed panic. Life as we have always known is standing still and nothing feels alright anymore - on an individual, as well as on a collective level. You can stand back and watch horrified and helplessly, yes, like the majority has been doing since the beginning of the Corona crisis ... Or you can think and act to adjust daily life to the new circumstances as well as possible.

We at the SKEI Center have committed ourselves to the second point and gave our best to find a solution to provide our educational offer without losing much time. After many days of brainstorming and internal meetings, we came to the decision around March to change to online lessons. This hurdle was then put into action at the right time through technical expertise, by turning the learning materials onto the digital platform and trial runs, and the result is astounding.

The motivation and diligent participation of our students in our online courses is showing us each day anew that this step, which felt like unsteady at the very beginning, was definitely worth it. We can tell proudly and gladly that we will continue with our online offer for all German learners and students of our other educational courses after the crisis as well.

Starting from June 2020 we will go back to our premises on Graf-Adolf-Straße, with all the necessary adaptation in the area of ​​social distancing of course, so that neither our coaches nor students are at any risk of infection.

We are delighted that we can be there for you in the real, as well as in the virtual world. Stay healthy and - most importantly - happy and motivated, because this is the only way we can overcome this phase together most effectively.

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