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Back from vacation

It's Monday and we are back from a short vacation! Today we would like to show you how our hybrid classes actually look like and how this idea works.

During the peak of the Corona crisis in Germany we had to switch to online classes, which then led to the idea of hybrid classes for the time after the peak. This was not only important because of the distance prescriptions that limit the number of people in the classroom, even within our small groups, but also because we wanted to leave the decision to our students, if they feel safer at home.

And in fact it worked out well because some people wanted to join the courses in our classroom, while others indeed preferred to stay home and join us from their electronic device. For us, it is a challenge, but also a fascinating experience to teach a class with people on-site and people on screen at the same time. Thanks to some technical updates we made, everyone is able to communicate with each other during the lesson. Since communication is crucial for the study of a language, the technical execution was our main concern - and it succeeded!

When it comes to safety, we also had to make some changes like the single tables that provide the necessary distance between the participants. Of course, the single tables are not as nice as the big group tables, but they obiously don't prevent the people from communicating.

Shortly we will introduce new courses! Stay tuned and have a wonderful week!

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