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Our language school is a learning place to develop linguistic and communicative skills through emotional intelligence and creativity.
With a high focus on communicative skills and linking them to emotional experiences.
Our students will be able to develop a long-term linguistic memory much easier making their learning experience more effective, sustainable and exciting.
Helping them to overcome their language barriers and boosting their self-confidence until they feel comfortable with the German language.

Our multilingual, international and highly qualified team will accompany our
students on their way to their studies and career, to their personal
happiness and success in Germany.

Our innovative Language School offers a whole range of Courses, further
education and Specials & Events in order to support our students in
achieving their personal and professional goals in a fast and effective way.
In our Language School our Students can take part in group lessons, one
on one coaching, language exams and professional language courses, as
well as events, creative workshops and meetups.

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